Pakistan nuke scientist school

Are you willing to send your child to study at a terrorist training centre or a mafia safe house? Are you happy to let your child idealize men who are known as the most evil around the world? Will you let your young ones to form impressions and muddle up good and evil in their tender impressionable age?

The marauding business mafia of private schools all across the country has detrimentally affected not only the educational standards of the country but also the moral bearing of the nation. A school or a college named after a man who gave away the secrets of nuclear technology to irresponsible nations jeopardizing the security of the complete globe cannot be seen as an ideal to kids. The international community still considers him as a serious threat for nuclear proliferation. Abdul Qadeer Khan’s involvement of transferring the technology to enrich uranium for weapons was highly an ignoble act, although people of Pakistan have forgiven him but it doesn’t mean he should be considered a national hero. The embarrassment he caused to the nation surpasses all his efforts in the development of nuclear technology for Pakistan.

The issue bothering me is not about Mr. Khan but the educational system. You cannot expect kids or even sometimes their parents to be concerned about the name of the school their kids attend. In Pakistan for middle class parents many aspects come into play, like proximity to home, fees and results but the administration of the school must have thought billions of times about the name of the school and this is what they come up with!

If it is politically moved as recently Dr Khan has unleashed his own political party then mixing education and politics is even a bigger crime. What moral values will be taught in such a school system? Dr Khan does not give us an example to follow, he negates all the values and standard we as a nation stand for. What value does Mr.Khan profess? Deceit, plagiarism, aggrandizing, violating international and national laws, playing a victim after committing crimes and lying and blaming General Musharraf for setting him up.

Pakistan is getting confused day by day. Yes we need heroes and people to follow, but instead of Dr Abdus Salam we revere Abdul Qadir and instead of Salman Taseer we appreciate Mumtaz Hussain Qadri.

We need to realign our moral compass. Education is the best method to do it and if government keeps on registering low-grade private schools to run with their hidden agendas the future of Pakistan seems bleak.