The clash of civilization is now even more clearer. They will not respect our values and emotions. After such deadly international protests, a French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has again tried to pour oil on the issue by publishing offensive provocation on Wednesday in the garb of freedom of expression. Are they trying to test our patience?

In this moment of emotional and psychological hysteria, a moment when my blood was boiling with fury I came across Iqbal’s verses:

“All of you drink the wine of bodily indulgence, lead lives of ease without strife.
You dare to call yourselves Muslims? Is this the Mussalmans way of life?
You take neither Alis pledge of poverty, nor Osmans path of wealth pursue;
What kinship of the soul can there be between your ancestors and you?
As Muslims your ancestors were respected;
You gave up the Koran and are by the world rejected”

            (Iqbal )*

 I consider Iqbal’s poetry,  Quran’s translation. I wonder why the super power of twelfth and thirteenth century, the leaders of science and technology at the time when Europe was immersed in dark ages is now being humiliated in such a demeaning manner?

Or are we at fault?

We are to ask ourselves as a Muslim nation how many Nobel laureate do we produce every year. How many of our Universities are the center of technology and education for the world? With such a low literacy rate can we demand special privileges? Do we have Ali’s pledge of poverty, or Osman’s path of wealth pursuit? And can we call ourselves true Muslims?

The west is fighting their self-generated Islamphobia by making fun of us. This will not end, it is just the beginning. It will become a routine because our violent reaction is the real aim. For Charlie Hebdo the rating or sales inflation seems more important than offending more than one billion people. These people will increase because of immense volatility of Muslim emotions. They are earning cheap popularity and we are giving them the bucks and making them an inspiration to wealth seeking people?

So what should our course of action be?

Should we keep burning our chattels to demonstrate our anger or be used by some filthy marauding opportunist to destroy his opponents’ property? Should we take our kids out on the street to raise slogans which they don’t understand? Or should we leave everything associated with us and become so-called atheist, liberals or desi goras?

Our solution lies neither in leaving our roots nor sticking to the orthodox doctrine of Islam as preached by many ‘Semi Mullas’. We need to understand Islam’s foundation. The way of life that enlightened this world. Islam stands for peace, humanity, love and compassion. It is a progressive religion which conforms to human requirements. After witnessing this façade of so-called European champions of freedom and democracy we should pledge; we will grow tall economically, politically and militarily that no nations dares to humiliate what we hold dear. We need to stick to the message of Holy Quran in which the Lord tells us to strive hard for this world and here after. Instead of declaring a holiday as ‘ Ashiq-e-Rasool day’, we should declare ‘Ashiq-e- Nazriya Rasool’ day to learn more about the great message that is just forgotten in the apparent show-off.

The western nations are systematically trying to degenerate our values and culture by passing laws against our way of living. France banned the wearing of Islāmic veils by claiming it  ‘degrading and a security risk’. Belgium has passed similar legislation, and Switzerland banned the building of minarets, the tall spires that often stand next to mosques. Is anything left to prove open hostilities? The sugar tongued anchor Joe Scarborough of MSNBC came with the most absurd reason. He said on Monday that Muslims hate us because of the religion itself. He further commented, “If you gave every street vendor, from street vendor to prime minister in that region, a chance to throw a rock at the U.S. Embassy, they would”.

These are hard times. But there will be worse. Set your orientation right. If you want to win the war, you will need weapons. And the greatest weapon is a well-educated Muslim that contributes to society not a tramp in the street hurling stones on American Embassy.