There is something rotten in the Indian army. The recent cases of mutiny in reputed regiments of the army enunciate the dropping standards of men and officers to a limit of rendering them combat ineffective. A good news for Pak army though.

An army is about its officers as an old quote of Napoleon goes “there are no good or bad regiments, only good or bad officers”.

Not only incidents of ill-discipline and insubordination are visible at battalion level and below but cases of corruption have become the hall-mark of Indian generals. Even the present COAS Indian army could not save his uniform being blemished; he has two court cases pending against him. The first involves fake encounter of locals in Indian occupied Kashmir and the second is regarding widespread rape and sexual assault by contingent under his command on UN peacekeeping mission in Congo.(Don’t Know how he became chief ) The earlier COAS controversy on his date of birth also manifests the trend.

In August, 16 cavalry regiment in Samba(occupied Kashmir) went to a battle, not with Pakistan but within. After suicide of a Jawan on a leave issue, the regiment ranks ganged up and surrounded officers and their residences in protest, leading to a prolonged confrontation. Two other infantry units rushed to control the soldiers.

In another incident involving 226 field artillery regiment located in Nyoma (Leh), a major along with four other officers beat up a Jawan on allegedly misbehaving with his wife on a firing Range( what the hell was she doing on the range!). Despite the Jawan being in critical condition, the officers refused to let him get any medical help. This fumed the fellow soldiers and they mutinied. When Regiment commander intervened, reprimanding the officers for their conduct; only to be allegedly assaulted by the five. Witnessing this, the soldiers went outrageous and thrashed the officers. They went out in streets with knifes and clubs to protest against their officers. The standoff was 48 hours long.

The recent 45th Cavalry mutiny at Gurdaspur, Sikh mutiny in 1984, Gurkha mutiny in 1970 and an officer posted on LOC declaring independence of area under his command are some thought-provoking facts.

Another incident also clearly tells about the decaying moral fiber of the Indian army. Recently a major of army aviation posted sexually explicit video and pictures of his commanding officer with his wife on several porn sites!

The colonial era institute has become corollary of the culture of impunity and lack of accountability.  The scandals such as Tatra truck case, the sukna land scam and Adarsh Housing society in recent past have become the insignia of major defence purchases.

During my service on LOC as well as in Siachen glacier, Indian army soldiers cannot associate with their officers because of vast differences of class, caste and religion. Sometimes a Muslim soldier used to tell us the exact time and location of next artillery bombardment by Indians. We exchanged gifts amidst of fighting with an outpost commanded by Muslims on Eid. We knew that even if ordered that post will not engage us effectively, and we reciprocated the favour. My men used to say “Sir we speak the same language, eat the same food, watch same movies and listen to same songs, some are even Muslims among them and they might be a better one and Sir they love and envy us at the same time”.

My soldiers used to feel sorry for the Indian army’s soldier. The distance between the posts was sometimes even less than 50 meters and it was not uncommon to hear an officer shouting at his men in an abusive tone.  Incidentally, defence minister A K Antony told Parliament that as many as 1,018 soldiers had committed suicide since 2003.

Pakistan army has its own issues but never in the army occurred a moment when men mutinied against the officers or even a slight face-off. The ratio of officers to men martyred in war zones should ideally be one ratio ten, but Pak army officers are going beyond the call of duty. In the war against terror this ratio is one ratio six. The demand of Pak Army on UN duties is ever-increasing because of high standard of discipline and love for humanity.

A third of the army is fighting the war against terror, a third deployed on the Indian front and the rest preparing to go in either theater. In commitments so dense there are very few desertions and even lesser cases of suicide. No nation in the world can claim such a state of morale and discipline. Maintaining an army of 6 hundred thousand strong with officers highly short numbered; talks highly of officer corps.

Pakistanis need to feel proud of an institute which is doing its job properly under the parliament. It has evolved into a dynamic and unique institution, very different from its colonial past. Yes, there are thousands of misunderstandings among people, which will certainly appear on the comments below but believe me I haven’t seen anyone more sincere and patriotic than a Soldier of Pakistan. More than 6000 lives is an ample testimony. During all my assignments in Tribal areas or on LOC, these verses of an unknown author represented my feelings and thousands like me:-

“We the willing

Led by the unknown

Are doing the impossible

For the ungrateful

We have done so much

For so long

With so little

We are now qualified

To do anything

With nothing”



  1. well … i have been through ur article…. i just want to say few things …
    1: why pakistani army has to say ‘SAFAAYI’ that they r good.
    2: u r saying that muslim soldiers do ‘GADAARI’ n leak info about like where bombarment gona happen. this makes muslims untrust2: u r saying that muslim soldiers do ‘GADAARI’ n leak info about like where bombarment gona happen. this makes muslims untrust2: u r saying that muslim soldiers do ‘GADAARI’ n leak info about like where bombarment gona happen. this makes muslims untrust2: u r saying that muslim soldiers do ‘GADAARI’ n leak info about like where bombarment gona happen. this makes muslims untrustworthy .
    3: if indian army is so incapable than why paki army lost to india in 1965, 1971,1999(everybdy knw who was behind). to see truth of pak army login to youtube and search .
    4: an soldier never compare onself to other coz one believ

    • @AJAY devgan…It is not about winning / loosing war..the main focus in this article is on Discipline and Morality and the system…In my view this Article is quite well written with logical views.

    • Looks like its not just the Army, the people are ignorant as well. 1965, 1971, 1999. A big LOL!

      No worries. Let us know when you need a rematch for the last time. 😉

  2. We will have a rematch no doubt about that. But next time don’t sit into the lap of USA and USSR. Then come over and see who wins. By the way these thoughts have been expressed by Indian press/defense analysts as well. See youtube for that matter.

  3. Look whose telling us the tales, aresident of the nation which is owned by its army,where govt takes orders from its army,an army whose jawans are fighting with terrorist on one front and a killer of thousands people was having sex with his numourous wives in his hideout provided by army and delivered sermons of massacre to future officers, which refused to except its jawans bodies who got martyred fighting for a immoral cause in 1999.
    jinke khud ke ghar shishe ke hote hain unko dusaro ke ghar per phathar nahi phenkana chaiye.
    its very apt for you and your country. isin’t it?
    An advice: Never compare an indian muslim to a pakistani, he might hit you hard on your face because its considered an abuse here.
    http://Www.arunpurohit. wordpress .com/…/honor-of-the- indian – army -assured-decent-last- rites/

  4. bhai mere gar itna hi dum hota tum pakis me tho hamari army k samne 1971 me ghutne ni tekte aprox 1lac soldiers were captured aur ab china ki god me baith k uchal rahe h

  5. a good article..but i wonder how did bangladesh come into being in 1971? with East Bengal regiment in mutiny, its an instance of an entire regiment being up in arms against its masters.
    The Pakistani military is the only Pakistani state institution which works as it is officially meant to – which means that it repeatedly does something that it is not meant to, which is to overthrow what in Pakistan is called “democracy” and seize control of the state from other institutions. The military has therefore been seen as extremely bad for Pakistan’s progress, at least if that progress is to be defined in standard western terms.
    In Pak army Between 2004 and 2007 there were a number of instances of mass desertion and refusal to fight in units deployed to fight militants.
    n 2007-2008, this was beginning to cause serious problems of morale. The most dangerous single thing heard during those years was that soldiers’ families in villages in the NWFP and the Potwar region were finding it increasingly difficult to find high-status brides for their sons serving in the military, because of the growing popular feeling that “the Army are slaves of the Americans”, and “the soldiers are killing fellow Muslims on America’s orders.”
    Another area worth considering is the conduct and the role of the military in the East Pakistan genocide. If raping women, plundering villages and committing genocide is the sign of nobility the this army wins hands down.
    India is indeed a sore point for Pakistan. The partition was a bloody one and many on both sides of the border lost many close and those who didn’t either witnessed the massacres or were brought up on the stories of horrors endured. Three wars and an undeclared war in Karghill, which a certain military puppet Musharraf knew a few things about have cost both countries dearly. It might be prudent to say that what could have allayed some of the misery might have been an attempt on both sides to engage in dialogue not war, increase trade and freedom of movement with an alliance to reduce dependence on the western world. Pakistan’s dependence on the west has done no favours to Pakistan, its people, the region or India. The military on the other hand have now become rich land owners with vast amounts of wealth. If this is not corruption, then what else?

    India, like many other rapidly advancing nations has its own share of problems and issues. This includes the military too. But thankfully the population is matured enough to deny any role to any man in uniform to decide who`s to rule. Corruption cases happen. It happens in military too. But unlike undemocratic or immatured nations who are prone to being ruled to men wielding guns, a vibrant 4th estate and democratic institutions ensure that the covers are blown off from such instances.

    On a more personal note, I wish to add in that I fought in Kargil and have seen quite a few worst cases of bloodshed. As regards the tradition in Indian army, the first concern of any officer is the nation, then his unit and then his person. In kargil, casualties amongst the officers were on the higher side and this is because these fine young men chose to lead their men in the assault on the ridges from front as against the Pakistani ones who pushed their men to the front being mainly from a feudal society, where even in military, professioanl relations are determined on the basis of agrarian relations of a lord and his serfs. This was much a matter of ridicule among the Indian Officers, who were unanimous in opinion that Pakistani officers were pathetic but the men they led were good. Such an admission was made by one of the first Pakistani NLI soldier captured during the initial stages..( I wont disclose the name)

  6. whosoever written this is a sheer lie, napakistan, country, napakistan religion, napak military. pakistani military personnels, raped roughly 125000 hindu women in 1971, in bangladesh, on a number of occasion they hv shown the cruelty, the real face of islam, tht they cut the head of dead indian soldiers, they cannot talk abt humanity, they cannot be sincere because, again n again pakistani army has been killing thousands of balooch people, becos they wanted to live with india since 1947, and balooch people celebrate their independence day on 15 aug with india, not with 14 aug, of pakistan,

    • napakistan military is really not sincere one, in the karigil war, they hv refused to take the bodies of their soldiers, they hv left their dead bodies scattered in the battle field, they were indian soldeirs who rescued pak soldiers dead bodies and handed over to pakistan after a long dispute. Pak. army again n again, destroyed the democratic fabrice of pakistan by taking power in its hand via military mutiny and kill their public leaders.

  7. pakistani army is a betrayer also, doesnot keep its work at all, in 1965, pak army captured big chunk of kashmir and india regaining the battle field captured deep area upto lahore and going to win all pakistan, then frightened pak leaders decided to meet indian leaders at taskand, after the agreement india left the lahor and pak land but pak army betrayed india and didnot leave captured land of kashmir

  8. now a days pak army is playingnew game, muslim people who go to pakistan to meet thr relatives , forcefully pak army increasing the date of their visa on transit terms and asking them to work as spy for pak against india. No of people complaint against pak armay that forcefully they were asked to stay at pak by pak army

  9. Pakistan army cannot be called civilized they, kill children, they attack from ur back,, they mutilate the dead bodies, they destroyed the thr own democractic govt. all the time almost, they cut down, heads, necks, persoanl parts of, eyes, ears, nose of dead bodies.

  10. pak army is made to supress the democracy of the region only and to establish feudal cruel reign of fundamentalists only, more than that, they established taliban, and afghan taliban, to capture afghanistan. Thousands of pak soldiers took part in the battle supporting taliban militants, and killed balooch n afghan pple,

  11. pak army even is not disciplined army, there are various groups in pak army but majority is taken by punjab people, who rule over pak army and try to bully over other regions of pple who r in army. Due to this on a number of occasions pak army personnels killed one another, and few of them supported taliban , nd few to america, and this betrayle has been going on even today. we hv seen how one group of pak army saved laden osama, and how other group helped usa seils to kill osama

  12. even pak army and pak political society, doesnot hv any true political sense, thr leaders talk abt peace, on the next day army starts firing on borders, thr leadres come for pilgramge, thr army sends militants to destroy buildings, thr army kills shiya muslims, and punjab group of army, took all the promotions,

  13. Pak army uses militants also,to harrass neighbours and capture the areas of neighbouring countries, They sent taliban to afganistan and used their land and resources against whole world

  14. There are few muslim classes which are not considered proper muslims like ahmadiya, shiya, kakdiyani, muslims, almost everymonth twice or thrice these people hv been attacked by pak army supported sunni muslims groups, and they hv agitations with shiya pro IRAN also on same issue.

  15. Hindu gals hv been suffering a lot in pakistan, school, college girls hv been kidnapped by muslims, and forcefully they hv to accept napak islam and get married to muslims, these girls should give poison(or pieces of kanch) in food to their in laws, where these gals r beaten for accepting take revenge..

  16. kis tarah ka religion hi islam jo dara dhamka ke, forcefully, rape karke, jabran logon se kabool accept karwa liya jata hi, fir bewakoof log samajh lete hien ki ab admi unke layak ho gaya, religion ka matlab hi behaviour, jo sahi behaviour karta hi vo, good aadmi, jo bura karta hi vo bura adami,


  18. Indians … be a copy cat, hurry up!
    Pak Army always rocks …. they talk about LoC, We never see an indian offr here across… they are hidden down under, by the fear of Pakistan Army terror )

  19. I am sorry to say. The pak army has a culture of denying its own soldiers just like a mother disowning her own child. They are still buried in India with all army and religious respects as heroes of pakistan. That is what Indian army is. It respects even its enemies. They were having their id cards and uniforms. And about not crossing the loc, we respect other nations and its citizens. We have never attacked anyone until they have attacked us. India and pakistan are pieces of one roti. We respect the people & their freedom. We are and always will respect it.
    Let god saves us both

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