There is something rotten in the Indian army. The recent cases of mutiny in reputed regiments of the army enunciate the dropping standards of men and officers to a limit of rendering them combat ineffective. A good news for Pak army though.

An army is about its officers as an old quote of Napoleon goes “there are no good or bad regiments, only good or bad officers”.

Not only incidents of ill-discipline and insubordination are visible at battalion level and below but cases of corruption have become the hall-mark of Indian generals. Even the present COAS Indian army could not save his uniform being blemished; he has two court cases pending against him. The first involves fake encounter of locals in Indian occupied Kashmir and the second is regarding widespread rape and sexual assault by contingent under his command on UN peacekeeping mission in Congo.(Don’t Know how he became chief ) The earlier COAS controversy on his date of birth also manifests the trend.

In August, 16 cavalry regiment in Samba(occupied Kashmir) went to a battle, not with Pakistan but within. After suicide of a Jawan on a leave issue, the regiment ranks ganged up and surrounded officers and their residences in protest, leading to a prolonged confrontation. Two other infantry units rushed to control the soldiers.

In another incident involving 226 field artillery regiment located in Nyoma (Leh), a major along with four other officers beat up a Jawan on allegedly misbehaving with his wife on a firing Range( what the hell was she doing on the range!). Despite the Jawan being in critical condition, the officers refused to let him get any medical help. This fumed the fellow soldiers and they mutinied. When Regiment commander intervened, reprimanding the officers for their conduct; only to be allegedly assaulted by the five. Witnessing this, the soldiers went outrageous and thrashed the officers. They went out in streets with knifes and clubs to protest against their officers. The standoff was 48 hours long.

The recent 45th Cavalry mutiny at Gurdaspur, Sikh mutiny in 1984, Gurkha mutiny in 1970 and an officer posted on LOC declaring independence of area under his command are some thought-provoking facts.

Another incident also clearly tells about the decaying moral fiber of the Indian army. Recently a major of army aviation posted sexually explicit video and pictures of his commanding officer with his wife on several porn sites!

The colonial era institute has become corollary of the culture of impunity and lack of accountability.  The scandals such as Tatra truck case, the sukna land scam and Adarsh Housing society in recent past have become the insignia of major defence purchases.

During my service on LOC as well as in Siachen glacier, Indian army soldiers cannot associate with their officers because of vast differences of class, caste and religion. Sometimes a Muslim soldier used to tell us the exact time and location of next artillery bombardment by Indians. We exchanged gifts amidst of fighting with an outpost commanded by Muslims on Eid. We knew that even if ordered that post will not engage us effectively, and we reciprocated the favour. My men used to say “Sir we speak the same language, eat the same food, watch same movies and listen to same songs, some are even Muslims among them and they might be a better one and Sir they love and envy us at the same time”.

My soldiers used to feel sorry for the Indian army’s soldier. The distance between the posts was sometimes even less than 50 meters and it was not uncommon to hear an officer shouting at his men in an abusive tone.  Incidentally, defence minister A K Antony told Parliament that as many as 1,018 soldiers had committed suicide since 2003.

Pakistan army has its own issues but never in the army occurred a moment when men mutinied against the officers or even a slight face-off. The ratio of officers to men martyred in war zones should ideally be one ratio ten, but Pak army officers are going beyond the call of duty. In the war against terror this ratio is one ratio six. The demand of Pak Army on UN duties is ever-increasing because of high standard of discipline and love for humanity.

A third of the army is fighting the war against terror, a third deployed on the Indian front and the rest preparing to go in either theater. In commitments so dense there are very few desertions and even lesser cases of suicide. No nation in the world can claim such a state of morale and discipline. Maintaining an army of 6 hundred thousand strong with officers highly short numbered; talks highly of officer corps.

Pakistanis need to feel proud of an institute which is doing its job properly under the parliament. It has evolved into a dynamic and unique institution, very different from its colonial past. Yes, there are thousands of misunderstandings among people, which will certainly appear on the comments below but believe me I haven’t seen anyone more sincere and patriotic than a Soldier of Pakistan. More than 6000 lives is an ample testimony. During all my assignments in Tribal areas or on LOC, these verses of an unknown author represented my feelings and thousands like me:-

“We the willing

Led by the unknown

Are doing the impossible

For the ungrateful

We have done so much

For so long

With so little

We are now qualified

To do anything

With nothing”



The clash of civilization is now even more clearer. They will not respect our values and emotions. After such deadly international protests, a French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has again tried to pour oil on the issue by publishing offensive provocation on Wednesday in the garb of freedom of expression. Are they trying to test our patience?

In this moment of emotional and psychological hysteria, a moment when my blood was boiling with fury I came across Iqbal’s verses:

“All of you drink the wine of bodily indulgence, lead lives of ease without strife.
You dare to call yourselves Muslims? Is this the Mussalmans way of life?
You take neither Alis pledge of poverty, nor Osmans path of wealth pursue;
What kinship of the soul can there be between your ancestors and you?
As Muslims your ancestors were respected;
You gave up the Koran and are by the world rejected”

            (Iqbal )*

 I consider Iqbal’s poetry,  Quran’s translation. I wonder why the super power of twelfth and thirteenth century, the leaders of science and technology at the time when Europe was immersed in dark ages is now being humiliated in such a demeaning manner?

Or are we at fault?

We are to ask ourselves as a Muslim nation how many Nobel laureate do we produce every year. How many of our Universities are the center of technology and education for the world? With such a low literacy rate can we demand special privileges? Do we have Ali’s pledge of poverty, or Osman’s path of wealth pursuit? And can we call ourselves true Muslims?

The west is fighting their self-generated Islamphobia by making fun of us. This will not end, it is just the beginning. It will become a routine because our violent reaction is the real aim. For Charlie Hebdo the rating or sales inflation seems more important than offending more than one billion people. These people will increase because of immense volatility of Muslim emotions. They are earning cheap popularity and we are giving them the bucks and making them an inspiration to wealth seeking people?

So what should our course of action be?

Should we keep burning our chattels to demonstrate our anger or be used by some filthy marauding opportunist to destroy his opponents’ property? Should we take our kids out on the street to raise slogans which they don’t understand? Or should we leave everything associated with us and become so-called atheist, liberals or desi goras?

Our solution lies neither in leaving our roots nor sticking to the orthodox doctrine of Islam as preached by many ‘Semi Mullas’. We need to understand Islam’s foundation. The way of life that enlightened this world. Islam stands for peace, humanity, love and compassion. It is a progressive religion which conforms to human requirements. After witnessing this façade of so-called European champions of freedom and democracy we should pledge; we will grow tall economically, politically and militarily that no nations dares to humiliate what we hold dear. We need to stick to the message of Holy Quran in which the Lord tells us to strive hard for this world and here after. Instead of declaring a holiday as ‘ Ashiq-e-Rasool day’, we should declare ‘Ashiq-e- Nazriya Rasool’ day to learn more about the great message that is just forgotten in the apparent show-off.

The western nations are systematically trying to degenerate our values and culture by passing laws against our way of living. France banned the wearing of Islāmic veils by claiming it  ‘degrading and a security risk’. Belgium has passed similar legislation, and Switzerland banned the building of minarets, the tall spires that often stand next to mosques. Is anything left to prove open hostilities? The sugar tongued anchor Joe Scarborough of MSNBC came with the most absurd reason. He said on Monday that Muslims hate us because of the religion itself. He further commented, “If you gave every street vendor, from street vendor to prime minister in that region, a chance to throw a rock at the U.S. Embassy, they would”.

These are hard times. But there will be worse. Set your orientation right. If you want to win the war, you will need weapons. And the greatest weapon is a well-educated Muslim that contributes to society not a tramp in the street hurling stones on American Embassy.


Pakistan nuke scientist school

Are you willing to send your child to study at a terrorist training centre or a mafia safe house? Are you happy to let your child idealize men who are known as the most evil around the world? Will you let your young ones to form impressions and muddle up good and evil in their tender impressionable age?

The marauding business mafia of private schools all across the country has detrimentally affected not only the educational standards of the country but also the moral bearing of the nation. A school or a college named after a man who gave away the secrets of nuclear technology to irresponsible nations jeopardizing the security of the complete globe cannot be seen as an ideal to kids. The international community still considers him as a serious threat for nuclear proliferation. Abdul Qadeer Khan’s involvement of transferring the technology to enrich uranium for weapons was highly an ignoble act, although people of Pakistan have forgiven him but it doesn’t mean he should be considered a national hero. The embarrassment he caused to the nation surpasses all his efforts in the development of nuclear technology for Pakistan.

The issue bothering me is not about Mr. Khan but the educational system. You cannot expect kids or even sometimes their parents to be concerned about the name of the school their kids attend. In Pakistan for middle class parents many aspects come into play, like proximity to home, fees and results but the administration of the school must have thought billions of times about the name of the school and this is what they come up with!

If it is politically moved as recently Dr Khan has unleashed his own political party then mixing education and politics is even a bigger crime. What moral values will be taught in such a school system? Dr Khan does not give us an example to follow, he negates all the values and standard we as a nation stand for. What value does Mr.Khan profess? Deceit, plagiarism, aggrandizing, violating international and national laws, playing a victim after committing crimes and lying and blaming General Musharraf for setting him up.

Pakistan is getting confused day by day. Yes we need heroes and people to follow, but instead of Dr Abdus Salam we revere Abdul Qadir and instead of Salman Taseer we appreciate Mumtaz Hussain Qadri.

We need to realign our moral compass. Education is the best method to do it and if government keeps on registering low-grade private schools to run with their hidden agendas the future of Pakistan seems bleak.